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  Gyrocompass Yokogawa CMZ-500 is a highly reliable, accurate gyrocompass, featuring a compact, light – weight, low - power – consumption design. The CMZ500 fully complies with the gyrocompass performance standard IMO recommended A.424 (XI) as well as JIS –F9602, class A standard.

  High accuracy: The twin gyro rotors, in the gyrosphere, rotate at high speed, and are interconnected to compensate the errors caused by rolling and pitching of the ship, thus ensuring excellent accuracy.
  Ingenious damping mechanism for vibration and shock: The container of the gyrosphere is filled with supporting liquid. And the container is supported by unit – vibration mechanism which is composed of rubber damping diaphragm and air damping chamber. These arrangement works successfully to absorb vibration and shock of the hull.
 Enhanced follow – up performance: A velocity – control digital servo system enhances follow – up performance (maximum follow – up speed: 12 o/ s). The mechanism of detecting azimuth deviations automatically optimize of the follow – up control gain to match the electrical characteristics of the supporting liquid.
 Easy speed error correction: The speed error can automatically be corrected by entering a correction value manually.
 Variety of outputs: Synchro, stepper, NMEA0183 digital, and analog (OV to 5V) outputs are available as standard to meet a wide range of needs.
 Onboard battery drive: The CMZ500 can be driven by an onboard 24V DC battery
 Remote operation:  The optional remote unit allows the gyrocompass system to ne remotely controlled. This feature is suitable for one – man bridge console.
 Built – in restart timer: The gyrocompass system can be restarted automatically after a specified duration (1 hours to 99 hours)
 Heading output from external sensor: Heading signals from an external azimuth sensor (e. g., magnet compass or GPS) can be used to drive repeater compass or other externally connected devices.


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