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Product Description:

System Overview:

Sperry Marine’s expanded NAVIPILOT 4000 Series of self-tuning adaptiveheading control systems continues the company’s traditional product philosophy of increasing profit by maintaining low operational costs. The innovative NAVIPILOT 4000 Series is the first autopilot system to use steering control network technology to steer a ship and is also capable of tuning itself to adapt automatically to the vessel’s load charachteristics and the prevailing weather conditions, thus reducing operational demands and increasing fuel saving and operational safety.
The NAVIPILOT 4000 Series comprises the following system configurations:
NAVIPILOT 4000 - provides the standard set of system capabilities in accordance with ISO 11674.
NAVIPILOT 4000 TRACK - provides additional capabilities for Track Control in accordance with IEC 62065.
NAVIPILOT 4000 HSC - provides the capabilities required for high-speed craft in accordance with ISO 16329.
NAVIPILOT 4000 TRACK HSC - provides Track Control capabilities in accordance with IEC 62065 and ISO 16329 for hgh-speed craft.





Standard Features:

  - The following standard features are integrated in all NAVIPILOT 4000 configurations:
  - Heading keeping with minimum rudder motion.
  - Course change control by setting either turn rate or turn radius.
  - Rudder limit setting (available as an alternative to setting rate or radius).
  - 2 redundant non-isolated analog outputs, configurable as proportional rudder order or proportional rudder error.
  - Direct RS 422 connection to external heading reference or navigation system.
  - Full alarm complement via the display unit and the alarm contacts. 


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