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 Raytheon Anschutz Digital Repeater, type: 133-811 NG 010 E02

    Anschutz digital Repeater Compass is designed to indicate the ship’s heading referring to north, which has been ascertained by the Gyro/Magnetic compass (GPS/SAT for development status E02). The heading is read off at a 7-segment LCD display (luminous numerals). The Gyro (GPS/SAT development status E02) heading is shown in degrees and decimal degrees. The decimal digit is made smaller to prevent erroneous reading.
    Heading changes are indicated by a tendency indicator. Depending on the speed of the heading change, a ring consisting of bi-colour LCDs indicate a turn to starboard by green light and a turn to backboard by red light. The R.o.T. in the LED ring is proportional to the ship’s R.o.T.
    Further characteristics of the Digital Repeater Compass:
- Recognition of a RS 422 interface acc. to NMEA and therefore automatic change- over of the operation mode when heading serial is detected.
- Synchronisation unnecessary because transmission of absolute values

Your Benefits:

- Large Display.

- Rate of turn indication.

- Optional casing for bulkhead or ceiling mounting.

- Freeze function.

- 1800 offset function for use on double end ferries.


Technical Data:

- Supply Voltage: 24VDC (12-36VDC).

- Power Consumption: Approx. 4W.

- Signal Inputs:

  • Course bus.
  • NMEA telegrams HEHDT, GPHDT, HCHDT according to EN/IEC 61162-1.

- Type of enclosure acc. to IEC/EN 60529:

  • IP 23.
  • With casing: IP 44.

- Temperature range: Operation: -150 to +550C; Storage: -250 to +700C.

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