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NMEA Converter ZNC-401


Product Description:

ZNC-401 Universal NMEA Converter

Model: ZNC-401

ZNC-401 Universal NMEA Converter is the only instrument to convert various signals such Gyrocompass, Anemometer, Speed Log, Rudder, Analog format signal into NMEA 0183(IEC61162-1) signal. This is very useful for interfacing between old navigation instruments and VDR, AIS, ECDIS.

ZNC-401 can accept various analog signals such 1/36/90/180/360:1 synchro signal, 90/180/360:1 step signal, DC ±5/10V or DC4~20mA signal, pulse or dry contact signal.

It was designed for considering high accuracy and stabilized temperature for using as core parts of Anemometer, Rudder. All information is displayed on the large LCD monitor and a user can adjust dimming and contrast of it.



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