Autopilot Tokimec PR-2000 Featured




 Autopilot Tokimec PR-2000, widely regarded as a system with stable performance and easy operation for fishing boats, coastal vessels and merchant ships, has long enjoyed great popularity among all users, with more than 17000 units sold over.

Autopilot Tokimec PR2000 series progressed to new series coupled with new modeled ES gyrocompass with various options and our downsized new steering gear system.

It is available in a stand type which is connected with a separately installed gyrocompass or magnetic compass, and a GYLOT type which combines gyrocompass and autopilot into a single system. And a console type integrating gyrocompass radar made by TOKIMEC and all other neccessary nautical equipment is also available. In addition, it is possible to connect with steering gear unit made by TOKIMEC or other manufactures.

This wide choice range permits the user to select the type best suited to all of the ships.

The new PR-2000 series becomes to be easy to use and helps your safety and ecomonical voyage.


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