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Gyrocompass Sperry Marine MK-37 Mod E Gyrocompass equipment,contains a controlled gyroscope which seeks and aligns itself with the meridian and points to true north.It uses the properties of the gyroscope in combination with the rotation of the earth and the effect of gravity.The MK-37 Mod E Gyrocompass equipment uses a three gimbal system.

The gyroscope containing the gyroscope rotor is immersed in silicone fluid and is designed and adjusted to have neutral buoyancy.This feature is a distinct in that:

  - The weight of the gyrosphere is removed from the sensitive axis bearings.
  - The gyrosphere and bearings are protected from excessive shock loads.
  - Sensitivity to shifts of the center of mass of the gyrosphere relative to the sensitive axis is eliminated,thereby providing improved accuracy.
  - The effects of accelerations are minimized because the center of mass of the gyrosphere and the center of the buoyancy are coincident.





The effects of varying speed and latitude on the gyrocompass are compensated for by the use of manually operated controls.A servo followup system is provided in the azimuth axis to keep the phantom yoke aligned with the gyrosphere as the vessel turns.It also drives the Compass Dial and the data transmitters.the Compass Dial is viewed from the aft side but has the normal sense of rotation for the direct steering purposes.No heaters are required because of the low viscosity of the suspension and ballistic fluids.

Sperry Marine MK-37 equipment consists of a MK-37 Mod E Control and Transmission Unit ,a MK-37 Mod D Master Compass Unit , and an interconnecting cable assembly.


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