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Product Description:

Gyrocompass tokimec TG-8000/8500 features longer life and a diverse range of output signals, both the results of TOKYO KEIKI’s extensive experience in design and manufacturing. The TG-8000/8500, in space-saving compact form, consists of two units, a master compass and control unit.

  • Longer life.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Compatible with NMEA 0183 signal.
  • Down sized.
  • High accuracy.
  • Conforms to IMO performance standards.
  • Compatible with IBS(Integrated Bridge System).
    • Apply for high speed craft, up to 70 knots: (TG-8500).
    • High speed follow up rate 750/sec.
    • Back up by external sensor with serial interface.
    • High speed serial data output: (IEC61162-2).
    • Saving installation space design for Dual Gyro application: (Type D)
    • Auto Starting by timer function.
  • In/Out signals:
    • Speed signal 1: 200/400ppnm dry contact.
    • Speed signal 2: IEC61162-1 ed.2.
    • Latitude: IEC61162-1 ed.2.
    • External heading device: IEC61162-1 ed.2/-2.
    • Gyro change over signal: Dry contact.
  •  Output signal:
    • Step signal for repeater: 9 circuits DC24V 1/60.
    • Serial: 5 circuits IEC61162-1 ed.2/-2.
    • Rate of turn signal (analog): 3 circuits (30 or 120 or 3000/min.).
  • Optional functions:
    • Extra Step signal output for repeater: 8 circuits
    • Extra Serial signal output: 6 circuits
    • HDM or HDM/OCA function (includes TMC): Mag.compassor External heading sensor.


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