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Furuno AD Converter AD-100
Type: AD-100.

Product Description:

  • The AD-100 Converter converters the gyro compass reading into digital coded bearing data and display it on a 4 digit LED display.
  • The digital bearing output may be sent to navigation equipment such as radar, GPS navigator and autopilot.



  • Gyro repeater signal (AC Synchro, DC Synchro or Step by Step) DIP switch provided to select input signal.
  • AC Synchro Type (20-135VAC: Rotor; 20-135VAC: Stator; 50/60Hz, 400Hz or 500Hz).
  • DC Synchro Type (20-100VDC: Rotor; 20-100VDC: Stator).
  • Step by step: 20-100VDC.


  • AD-10S format: Switchable 25ms and 200ms. Use 25ms for radar only.
  • NMEA0183: HDT, VHW RS-485 level version. 1.5 and 2.0

Baud Rate:

  • 4800 and 38,400bps.




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