Gyrocompass Navigat X MK1



Product Description:

Gyrocompass navigat X MK1 provides highly accurate heading information in extremely heavy seas. The system is equipped with a special gyrosphere container, with a unique centering pin retaining arrangement that is mounted in an additional gimbal system. This allows an almost unlimited freedom of roll and pitch (±90°).

Key Benefits of Gyro Compass NAVIGAT X MK 1

  - Complies with IMO regulations A.424(IX), A.694(17), A.821(19) – High-Speed Craft (HSC) and ISO 8728.

  - Comprised of one single unit.

  - Type-approved rate-of-turn output.

  - Gyro system remains north stabilized during power interruptions of up to 3 minutes.

  - Short maintenance and repair times – low service costs.



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