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Gyrocompass Tokimec TG-3000, designed for medium and large ships. Safe navigation is assured by this highly reliable gyrocompass, which features a unique gyrosphere suspension system and the latest electronics techniques.

  - Conforms to IMO standards The TG-3000 meets the lMO resolution A-424 performance standards.

  - Highly accurate Outstanding accuracy is achieved through a new technique (internationally patented) whereby the gyro-sphere is suspended in liquid oil by suspension wires.

  - Accuracy within+0.5o can be maintained under all environmental conditions likely to be encountered at sea.

  - Compact and lightweight There are two compact units: the master compass and the transmission box. Their total mass is half that of their predecessors’ in this class of gyrocompass.





  - Easy to operate There is only one control switch, which has three positions: SLEW, OFFandRUN. At the SLEW position, the compass is slewed to the ship’s heading, and at RUN the compass is in full operational state.

  - Daily maintenance unnecessary In principle, no daily maintenance is required. Solid state plug-in circuit boards are employed, so it’s a simple matter of replacement in the unlikely event of a problem occurring.

  - Low power consumption, low noise, low heat generation The master compass normally consumes less than 1OO VA. And there’s scarcely any noise or generation of heat.

  - Emergency back-up function When the main AC power supply fails, visual and audible warnings are given, followed by automatic switching to the emergency power supply (DC24V).

  - Extensive repeater circuit Up to 8 repeaters can be connected on a standard model.


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